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Chloe G. Profile Thumb

Chloe G.

1 day ago

I love the area that upark is located because it is so close by all the college campuses. They offer great amenities like the gym and pool which I used often before the coronavirus became widespread. Staff is always friendly and willing to help answer any questions we may have.

Robanna K. Profile Thumb

Robanna K.

1 day ago

Dog friendly, well kept, and nice amenities. Very convenient for FAU students to live here, you can walk, bike, or skateboard to class without worrying about parking.

Alexa G. Profile Thumb

Alexa G.

1 day ago

I enjoyed staying at the uview apartments that changed to vie villas. It was quiet and nice. If I had known I would've lived there all 4 years!

Emily L. Profile Thumb

Emily L.

1 day ago

It’s okay not the best though. The walls are paper thin and it makes the noise levels stupidly high, you can hear every single thing that happens, especially on the first floor. If people actually reinforced the quiet times then maybe it would be better.

Nicole G. Profile Thumb

Nicole G.

1 day ago

Everything has been amazing!!!! Pool is beautiful and always so much fun!!! I love the 2 story gym as well!!!!!! Great place to live! Always a lot of fun!

Alexandra A. Profile Thumb

Alexandra A.

11 days ago

I love my roommates! We all get along very well and the amenities are incredible. It’s close to my school and the staff is very nice. It’s at a great price too.

Rashawn K. Profile Thumb

Rashawn K.

15 days ago

I enjoy staying at Upark, the staff is accomidating and they're quick to get problems resolved. I wish residents did better jobs with their pets and respected that not everyone is animal lover. I also wish residents picked up after their pets.

Maizie B. Profile Thumb

Maizie B.

17 days ago

When I arrived the plumbing in my room was messed up but the maintenance people were really nice and fixed it. Other than that it’s been awesome